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About Julie Hunt

I was born in Burnie, Tasmania and grew up in the country. When I was a kid my life was full of horses. I also had calves and lambs. I wanted to be a boy (impossible), a ballet dancer (too fat) and a trumpet player (I tried but didn’t have the lip). I'm now a writer and I live on a farm in southern Tasmania.

Usually I work in bed, starting very early. My best ideas come in the dark. My room looks over a beautiful dam that irrigates the farm. When the sun comes up I check to see how many birds are on the water then I type up what I’ve written. Later in the day I get out of my pyjamas and start my day job. When I need a break I do some weeding in the hothouses and sometimes while I do this I have more ideas for whatever story I am working on.

Apart from writing, I like travelling and building. I have built a mud brick house with a composting toilet called the Shatto. I went to Romania to get ideas for my graphic novel, KidGlovz, and a visit to a storytelling festival in Ireland helped me write Song for a Scarlet Runner.