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Little Else – the story behind the stories

The idea for Little Else came to me through a stay at Stuart Town Studios. Stuart Town is an old gold mining settlement and was once the home of the bushranger, Jessie Hunt. Jessie became the inspiration for Little Else. She was sold to the circus as a young girl. By sixteen she was rough riding champion of Australia. She later got on the wrong side of the law and joined up with Captain Starlight whose hideout was a cave in the mountains. I am no relation to Jessie Hunt but I loved hearing about her.

The town was also inspiring with its old mine shafts and diggings. There were two beautiful donkeys in the paddock next door who woke me every morning at four o’clock. One of them became the character, 24-Carrot.

I did a lot of reading while working on Little Else.
I read early Australian ghost stories and books on bushrangers and circuses.


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