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Precious Little - behind the story

The story started with the names Fat Chance and Tough Luck. I saw them as two kind-hearted sideshow characters who were down on their luck. Then Precious Little came along. I had three characters and needed a story to put them in. Over the next year or so I made several starts but didn’t get far. Finally I rang up my friend Sue Moss and asked her to help me – Fat and Tough were stuck in a deep gully in a caravan with flat tyres at that stage and I didn’t know what would happen to them. Sue invited me over and we spent a weekend throwing ideas around. At one point she declared that Fat and Tough ran the lucky dip and we both screamed ‘That’s it!’ Precious Little would be a story about luck and friendship and taking a chance.

Sue Moss is a poet, performer and reviewer. Some of the projects we have collaborted on include the CD, Brave Arts - the Art of Healthy Community, a public art commission for Sorell District School library, and poetry and images for the exhibition 'Will the Real Australia please stand up?'.

Gaye Chapman used sepia ink line drawings, acrylic ink and collage to create the fabulous world of Precious Little. Gaye's picture book, Little Blue, was the winner of the Children's Book Award in the 2009 Queensland Premier's Literary Awards.


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