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Song for a Scarlet Runner –
behind the story

Song for a Scarlet Runner is the story of a bargain. It was partly inspired by my father who was well over a 100 years of age when I began the book. It seemed like he might live forever. He was a person who always drove a hard bargain and, for some reason, I began to wonder if he might have made a deal with death. This got me thinking – why would anyone make a bargain like that and, if they did, what would be the price? Out of these questions came a character – a healer and herbalist, a woman who wanted to be immune to the contagious diseases she treated. I called her Eadie and made her a marsh auntie and set her in a stilt hut in a swamp. I gave her a past. She’s a storyteller. She’s travelled the world and saved thousands of lives and she’s lived forever but she’s never paid for the privilege.

The other main character in the story is a 9-year-old girl, an outcast and runaway who, forced to flee for her life, runs into the marshes and ends up lost there. She is hungry, injured and alone and she expects to die. Then the marsh auntie finds her, rescues her, and begins teaching her stories. But what the girl doesn’t know is that she has been rescued for a purpose.

Interview in Books and Publishing, April 2013

Readings Book Prize interview. August 2014